Star Sounds Orchestra

Star Sounds Orchestra

Steve Schroyder: Synthesizer, Programming
Jens Zygar: Planet Gongs & Percussion

The two musicians Steve Schroyder (formerly i.a. a member of "Tangerine Dream" and "Augenstern") and Jens Zygar met in 1989 at a workshop for the "Cosmic Octave" and in the same year founded the Star Sounds Orchestra. Since then they have been a constant in the history of electronic cosmic music.

They celebrated their debut with the legendary album „Planets“ on which they set all planets of our solar system to music in the tuning sounds of the "Cosmic Octave" and with it created a new music genre as well: Planetary Ambience. A novel synthesizer microtuning combined with archaic planet-gongs and the empathic musical transformation of the harmonical structures of the solar system produce unique sound characteristics unparalleled in the world of comtemporary music.

Further albums with music in planetary tuning followed: „Phantastische Phänomene“ ("Amazing Phenomenons") - a soundtrack recording for a TV serial of the same title (SAT1), "Kosmophonon" and the double album "Live in London".

The ambient sphere sounds became popular and well known in the chill-out areas of major raves and techno parties. The sound of SSO was inspired and influenced by close contacts to DJs particularly from the Psychedelic Trance scene. The two albums "Psy Force" and "Ooz" published by the then major German Trance label "Spirit Zone Records" leveraged SSO's international career accompanied by engagements all over the world. The Star Sounds Orchestra is well known for their live performances in Europe, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Japan, etc., and sure to be heard on the dance floors of Electronic Music Subculture.

Since 2002 the singer Irina Mikhailova, "Diva of World Music" from San Francisco (CA), often performs with SSO onstage. Her unique voice can be heard on the latest double album "Music for Qigong Dancing"...

. ...and also on the track "Easy Osiris" from the MCD "Let´s Mozart" newly released by the music project ofStar Sounds Orchestra feat. Blue Violin. This first recording of the newly founded label Planetware Records will be released on January 27, 2006 - just on Mozart's 250th birth-day.

On April 2014 the Star Sounds Orchestra released Venus Transit«.

Star Sounds Orchestra

Star Sounds Orchestra disbanded
After 25 years of history the Star Sounds Orchestra — consisting of Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar — has disbanded. Now Steve Schroyder has started Star Sound Kontinuum together with singer Irina Mikhailovanow, while Jens Zygar and Thomas Tiefenbacher has founded Cosmic Vibration.