Sun - Spirit of Cheops

Steve Schroyder

Composition and musical director: Steve Schroyder
Musical concept and tuning technique: Hans Cousto

CD "Sun - Spirit of Cheops"

The music is based on a transposition of the dimensions and proportions of the Cheops Pyramid into the acoustically perceptible range. The music was composed in consonance with the elementary structures of the pyramid.

As a work, „Sun – Spirit of Cheops“ brings to resonance the Cheops Pyramid´s physical relation to actual astronomical data. The point of departure here is the height of the Cheops Pyramid, one tenth of the gravitational longitude of our sun. This initial dimension leads us to a B tone with 126,22 hertz, or b with 252,44 hertz, which corresponds to the tone of the sun. The other main intervals (degrees of the base tones) are then derived, in accordance with the dimensions of Cheops and in analogy to their proportions on vibrating strings, from this fundamental tone.

The pitches of this compositions correspond not to the costumary interval of the chromatic scale, but precisely to the proportions of the pyramid´s dimensions. This is the reason for its unusually powerfull energetic impact.

As music, „Sun – Spirit of Cheops“, following the spirit of the great pyramid, appears at the same time strange and familar, like a relevation from another world, gripping and powerful. The music leads its listener into realms beyond the accustomed world of hearing and imagination.



1: Spirit of Cheops
The magic sonority of the pyramid´s structure.
The listener glimpses from afar the majestic pyramid, approaches it in symphonic configuration of its sound, seeming finally to merge with it.



2: Gangway and Gallery
The uncanny path leading into the pyramid.
A gangway, over one hundred meters long and almost as low as it is wide, first leads into depths of solid rock. Thirty meters further, a sonorous Jupiter gong tone signals a junction to an ascending passage leading into the gallery, far over 40 meters long and easily 8,50 meters high.


3: Royal Chamber
The sublime feeling of being in the center.
surrounded by granite blocks weighing tons! The listener is now about one third the way up the pyramid. This unassuming chamber, easily 10 meters in length, some six meters wide and over five meters high, is the point at which the pyramid´s energy is concentrated. Aside from the pure Sun-tone, Mars and Saturn also resound here in the tones so destinctive of them.


4 Sarcophagus
The tone of the source of dimension and number.
The stone coffer in the Royal Chamber is often erroneously referred to as a grave. There is, however, no evidence indicating that this coffer was ever used as a sarcophagus. It would, rather, appear that this coffer served a function analogous to that of the „standard meter“ stored in Paris – a fundamental unit of measure. The wisdom of the ancient Egyptians is here, in dimension and number, documented – more than symbolically – in stone. The mysteries of the structure of the world are concealed in this heart of the pyramid.