Venus Transit

Dream Control releases their debut album "Zeitgeber"
July 2017

Two legends of the German Krautrock and electronic scene —Steve Schroyder, former member of Tangerine Dream, and Zeus B. Held, Birth Control member of many years — have joined forces to start their new music project: Dream Control. After some concerts now they releases their debut album "Zeitgeber".
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Venus Transit

Star Sounds Orchestra disbanded

After 25 years of history the Star Sounds Orchestra — consisting of Steve Schroyder and Jens Zygar — has disbanded.


Venus Transit

"Venus Transit" by Star Sounds Orchestra
April 2014

The Star Sounds Orchestra musically reflects the astronomical events of the century.
Now released: "Venus Transit".

Schallwelle Preis 2012

Schallwelle-Preis 2012 Nominierungen
January 2013

Nomination for the German Schallwelle Award for electronic musik "Qigong Dancing" by Steve Schroyder & Alien Voices is nominated in the category "Best Album national" and the Akasha Project in the catehory "Discovery of the year".

Qigong Dancing

"Qigong Dancing" by Steve Schroyder & AlienVoices
July 2012

New CD in Digipak: "Qigong Dancing". Combining ambient wide landscapes, pumping dance beats and overtone- and throat-singing, the sound of Steve Shroyder & Alien Voices is a singularity in the cosmos of music.. The Multilayered voices technique let us dive deep into the ancient tunes of our heritage, while our feets are stomping to the tribal drums.

Cosmic Cine Award

Cosmic Cine Festival 2011
April 27 to May 5, 2011

The DVD Movie "Die Geburt der Sonnentrommel - Eine Reise auf die andere Seite" (A journey to the other side) by tOM Sonnentrommler was nominated at the Cosmic Cine Festival (Germany, May 2011).
Akasha Project live every Saturday at the Cosmic Cinema Festival 2011

Ricochet Gathering

Ricochet Gathering Berlin 2010
October 15 - 18,. 2010

Steve Schroyder, Akasha Project, and many more musician from the Berlin School of electronic music.

Die Geburt der Sonnentrommel

Die Geburt der Sonnentrommel by tOM Sonnentrommler
September 16, 2009

Now available: "The Birth of the Sun Drum" on CD+/DVD in a Digipak and per download.

The Quantum Music of the LSD Molecule

The Quantum Music of the LSD Molecule
September 15, 2009

With "The Quantum Music of the LSD Molecule" Akasha Project opened the World Psychedelic Forum in Basel Switzerland on March 21st, 2008.

Cosmic Ambient Garden

Cosmic Ambient Garden by Akasha Project
January 30, 2008

Re-release of the cosmically tuned CD "Cosmic Ambient Garden" which was first released on Insolation Chill in 2002.

Psy Force

"Psy Force" and "Ooz" by Star Sounds Orchestra
July 20, 2007

The psychedelic trance CDs "Psy Force" and "Ooz" came out for the first time in 1997 and 1999 on Spirit Zone Records. Now we are proude to be able to re-release it.

Cosmic Colors

"Cosmic Colors" by Akasha Project
April 24, 2007

The five tracks on "Cosmic Colors" in the finest planetary ambient style for a psychedelic chill out are tuned with cosmic precision as you would expect from Akasha Project.

Klänge des Lebens

"Klänge des Lebens" by Steve Schroyder
December 30,. 2006

The tonic notes on "Klänge des Lebens" are higher octaves of the Earth´s rotation (Earth Day), the Earth´s orbit around the sun (Earth Year), the precession of the earth´s axis (Platonic Year) and the Moon´s synodic orbit around the earth.

Earth Trilogy

"Earth Trilogy" von Akasha Project
October 26, 2006

The tonic notes, the tempi and also the length of the three pieces on the double-album "Earth Trilogy" by Akasha Project are calculated from our planet's three elements of motion, in exact accordance with the law of the octave.

Sun - Spirit of Cheops

"Sun" und "Klänge Bilder Welten" von Steve Schroyder
25. 4. 2006

Re-release of the CDs which was worked out together with the music scientist HANS COUSTO in 1990 and 1992. "Klänge Bilder Welten - Stars, Sounds and Colors" (2CD) is planetary ambient music based on the ground tones und and rhythms of the earth and the moon "Sun - Spirit of Cheops" (CD) is based on a transposition of the dimensions and proportions of the Cheops Pyramid into the acoustically perceptible range.

Let's Mozart

Release Party "MOZARTDISKO"
February 4, 2006

Release party in the Residenz in Salburg, Austria — the favored workplace of W. A. Moazrt — to celebrate the founding of Planetware Records and its first publication "Let's  Mozart" by Star Sounds Orchestra feat. Blue Violin.