Klänge Bilder Welten

Steve Schroyder

Music in Harmony with natzre
Composition and musical director: Steve Schroyder
Musical concept and tuning technique: Hans Cousto

Planetary Ambient Music based on basic tones und and rhythms of the earth and the moon.

CD "Klänge Bilder Welten"

Steve Schroyder in collaboration with Hans Cousto, the renowned mathematician and musicologist, has created this music. The point of departure is provided by astronomical-physical realities that determine ground tone, scale intervals and rhythm.

Hertz for Hertz, the music is diatonically tuned in precise frequencies and thus particularly well suited for therapy and meditation. It is, in part, produced in hemi-sync technique to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain. These signals, too, are cosmically tuned in a precise fashion, thus adding even more to the effect produced by the music.

CD 1
Earth-Day Tuning
[1] 1. Orient                    4:36 min.
[2] 2. Poly Pan                5:37
[3] 3. Adonis                   7:43
[4] 4. Butterflies             4:03
Earth-Year Tuning
[5] 1. Tide of Seasons   24:34

CD 2
Platonic-Year Tuning
[1] 1. Diachroma            5:35
[2] 2. Yellow Bell            9:04
[3] 3. Hymnus Polaris    9:06
Moon Tuning
[4 -8] 1. Magic Moon    20:35

For informations in detail about tuning data see

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