Planetware Records - The Label

In the winter of 2005/2006 Wolfgang Schröder aka Steve Schroyder, musician of the Star Sounds Orchestra, and Fritz Dobretzberger, owner of the Cosmic Octave Forum and mail order business Planetware , founded a label of their own with place of business in Munich: Planetware Records.

Planetware Records is publishing exclusively music in the planetary and molecularly tunings based on the formula of the "Cosmic Octave"

The Cosmic Octave
Venus Transit

A harmonical formula which correlates planets' cycles, rhythms, notes, colours, and other oscillations in a holistic approach. The Swiss musicologist and author of nonfictional books Hans Cousto discovered this con-nection more than 25 years ago and explored it with a research team and artists in Munich. Fritz Dobretzberger was part of this team.

Steve Schroyder is committed to the concept of the Cosmic Octave ever since he first heard about it in the late 80ies. Likewise Jens Zygar who equipped himself with the world's biggest planet-gong-orchestra to com-pose and play music together with Steve as Star Sounds Orchestra in tune with the Cosmic Octave (instead of the bureau-cratically defined standard pitch).

Motivation and Objective

A mutual objective of all protagonists and their spirit of research and creativity is to harmonize artistically generated frequencies with the vibrations of our nature and to embed musical sounds and rhythms optimally between the cosmos and the vibrations of life.

For millions of years biological cycles of life on earth are being influenced by a steady change of day and night, by the perennial transitions of the seasons, and by the rhythmical phases of the moon. For the good of our life it's time to tune artistically gene-rated vibrations in to these rhythms as well.


The magic formular reads: Grooves and sounds in tune with the Cosmic Octave. As you can derive from our first recording medium we are attached to electronic music. Anyway we are resolved not to limit our repertory to a few genres. The diversity of life-forms on our planet is our ideal.