Klänge des Lebens

Sounds of Life

Steve Schroyder
CD "Klänge des Lebens"

For millions of years life has developed on our planet. This life of ours is fundamentally defined by the cosmic rhythms of the earth:

  • by its rotation about its own axis which produces the constant change of day and night. Our body reacts above all to this frequency, which determines the rhythms of our waking and sleeping.
  • by its orbit around the sun. Seasons with long days and a lot of sunshine interchange with periods of shorter days. The temperament of our soul is particularly defined by this oscillation, its mood altering from summer to winter.
  • by the circular motion of the earth's axis, a cycle which requires roughly 26,000 years for one rotation. This influences man's spirit in particular, which must observe the heavens precisely over generations in order to perceive this oscillation.
  • by the rhythm of the moon's orbit around the earth. Women in particular, with their monthly receptivity and bleeding, experience how closely sexual rhythms are bound up with the moon.

1: Spin Red                      15:06 min.
The tonic note is a G 194.18 Hz. This frequency is a higher octave of the Earth´s rotation (Earth Day)

2: Orange Moonshine     14:57 min.
Based on the Moon´s synodic orbit around the earth. The tonic note is a G# 210.42 Hz.

3: Blue Greens                  15:01 min
The tonic note of this track is a C# 136.,10 Hz as ahigher octave of the Earth´s orbit around the sun.

4. Pendulum and Bell     14:54 min.
Based on the precession of the earth´s axis (platonic year). The tonic note is F 172.06 Hz.