Qigong Dancing

Steve Schroyder & ALIEN VOICES

including AMBA performed by IRINA MIKHAILOVA

Qigong Dancing

Combining ambient wide landscapes, pumping dance beats and overtone- and throat-singing, the sound of Steve Shroyder & Alien Voices is a singularity in the cosmos of music.. The Multilayered voices technique let us dive deep into the ancient tunes of our heritage, while our feets are stomping to the tribal drums.

Certain sounds touch us more than others. The secret of these has been known by people since ancient times. Prehistorical music instruments, folk music by primitive people, some western church bells, or the ancient mantra “Om” are not the only things that are tuned according to these ancient tones. Hans Cousto’s discovery of the planetary frequencies unveiled the universal meaning of the cosmic octaves as being “an outer expression of inner connections”.

The force that is unfurled by music according to the theory of universal harmony will be made felt by “Qigong Dancing”. Qigong Dancing® is a synergy of Western and Eastern approaches to movement and thought, developed by Gertrud Schröder at her school for martial arts and meditation, “Friedlicher Drache” (“Peaceful Dragon”), in Freiburg. The four animal portraits “Bear”, “Crane”, “Tiger” and “Snake” address elementary levels of human behaviour.

The music is the accompaniment to a journey within. Ancient tones rise as musical archetypes in resonance with an earlier embodiment of ourselves, they create deep moods, and they touch us, deeply penetrating the facade of everyday life. The songs are an invitation to feel at one with the rhythm of the earth, to sense pulsating vitality with the sun, to go into battle with Mars and to feel the force of the moon.

In “Qigong Dancing”, modern digital music meets ancient throat and overtone singing. The mix of complex ambient layers, driving beats and ethnic sounds leaves every attempt to assign a genre to this music lost. The journey is what matters.

    min. bpm — Animal           tune / tempo
1. Sun 4 Seasons
    7:28  118  — Bär            Sun
2. Moon On Siberia
    9:36  104 — Kranich     Moon / Venus
3. Tiger Rising
    5:37  136 — Tiger          Earth Day  /  Mars
4. Ju Me Snake
    6:53   132 — Schlange   Jupiter
5. Roots and Crown
    69:33   64 —Baum        Earth Year
6. Sun 4 Seasons (Chilling Bear)

    6:03  118  — Bär           Sun     
7. Flight Of The Cran
    3:41  104 — Kranich     Venus
8. Tigers From Mars

    6:21   92 — Tiger          Mars / Earth Day
9. Ambas

   7:29   86 — Tiger          Earth Year / Jupiter
Total 62:54 min.

Moon On Siberia
From birth we are used to the synodic observation of the (full) moon. The conductor of sidereal music rushes a little ahead of time. If we view the present from the future as the past, feelings can be isolated and released with ease.

Roots and Crown
represents the basic exercise in Qigong Dancing “connecting heaven and earth”, enabling one to connect desires in life with the grounding of reality.

Amba (Sanskrit: Devine Mother) performed by IRINA MIKHAILOVA
The divine Mother Amba is worshiped together with other Indian goddesses as the protector and source of love

Sound samples: each 1 minute of all tracks
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"Sun 4 Seasons"
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